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About us
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Ryan LeStrange is an apostolic and prophetic revolutionary laboring to see a global awakening. 

He has always had a passion for the nations, traveling extensively throughout America and other countries with an apostolic mantle. In 2019, with a word from the Lord, he birthed The Groan, a media revival viewed around the world.


Ryan is the founder and apostolic leader of an international network of ministries known as the TRIBE Network. He is also the senior leader of the Hub movement, through which he plants and oversees a network of governing churches, apostolic and revival hubs. 


Ryan is also active in the business arena with LeStrange Global, LLC., a digital media company producing a variety of Christian media products featuring ebooks, elearning events, and ecourses. He has authored numerous books including Betrayal from Hell, The Jochebed Anointing, Supernatural Access, Overcoming Spiritual Attacks, Hell’s Toxic Trio, Revival Hubs Rising and many others. 


Ryan and his wife Joy currently reside in the Atlanta area. 

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